Tips for Cleaning Brass Bathroom Fixtures

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Brass bathroom fixtures add class to any simple bathroom; however, brass tarnishes from exposure to air. Use one of these methods to keep your brass beautiful.

Regular Cleaning

The key to shiny brass is regular cleaning. A damp cloth should work fine, but if the stain is adamant, use soapy water and cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners as can damage the brass. Dry the fitting with a clean cloth.

Lemon and Salt

Rub salt with half a lemon on the fitting and clean it using a dry cloth.

Homemade Cleaning Paste

A homemade mixture of equal parts flour, vinegar, and salt can be used on stubborn stains. Mix the ingredients to form a paste and apply it to the fittings. Allow the paste to penetrate the stain for several hours. Wash it with distilled water. Remove any residue; the ingredients will corrode the brass over time.

Linseed Oil

Dirt and grease can be removed by rubbing a moist cloth with boiled linseed oil.


Always wear gloves as fingerprints cause stains. Wipe the fixture dry after each cleaning.