How to Clean Carpet Car Mats How to Clean Carpet Car Mats

This guide is designed to teach you how to clean carpet car mats. Carpet car mats are designed to get dirty; they prevent the actual carpet of your car from taking on any dirt you bring into the car with you on your shoes. Luckily, cleaning your carpet car mats is a relatively easy and quick process.

Machine Wash

It’s possible that your specific carpet car mats are machine washable. If they’re made completely out of carpet and do not have a hard plastic backing, you can use this easy method. Make sure you use a low tumble cycle to prevent the mat from getting beaten around too much.

Hand Washing

Though a bit more work than machine washing, this way of cleaning your carpet car mats is easier and can even be more effective. First, it’s wise to vacuum or at least shake out any dirt you can, this will make the rest of your job easier. If you have a canned upholstery cleaner and a scrub brush, you should have enough to properly clean your carpet car mats. If you can’t get your hands on upholstery cleaner, use laundry detergent. Sprinkle or pour a bit on your car mats before vigorously scrubbing out any stains and dirt. Afterwards, rinse them dry with a hose before either putting them in a drier or allowing them to sun dry.

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