How to Clean Carpet Padding How to Clean Carpet Padding

What You'll Need
Dust masks
Dust coats
Knee protection
Hot water
Cold soda and a mix of peroxide

Carpet padding is a pad that works as an insulator when placed underneath a carpet. Now, before embarking on a process of cleaning the carpet padding, ensure that you have the required materials.

Step 1 - Furniture

Ensure that all furniture within the room is taken out so that you can have the space to pullout the carpet.

Step 2 - Stains

Once the carpet padding is fully exposed, you should be able to identify whether there are any stains that may be as a result of liquids that may have spilt on the carpet.

Step 3 - Cleaning

One cup of vinegar for every 2 and ½ gallons of hot water works best in the removal of stains as well as old shampoo that usually get stuck from the carpet on top. Cold soda and a mix of peroxide and water in the ratio of 3 to 7 are also preferred.

Step 4 - Finishing Up

Let the carpet padding dry in the shade as direct sun will make the carpet padding hard and result in breaking. So you have carpet padding so clean and renewed after such a hard session.

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