How to Clean Caster Wheels

Caster wheels allow your chairs, desks or other furniture to role when aligned and pushed. To maintain their function and efficiency, it is important to regularly clean these types of wheels.

Regular Inspection

You need to inspect and check the caster wheels in a regular basis in order to determine if there are potential problems and malfunctions. Turn the device or furniture on its side or end to assess if there are nuts or bolts that are too tight or too loose in their frames and fasteners. Check visible tread wear in the wheels as this can cause dirt and debris to become trapped, thus affecting the wheels' movement or mobility.

Maintenance and Cleaning Procedures

After spotting potential damage or wear on a caster wheel, you must tighten the fasteners on each bolt. You may also use lubrication to grease the wheel to function normally. For best results, do this every 6 months. Remove any foreign materials that have been caught in the wheel parts. Use water and a cloth to wipe the caster wheel before lubricating the movable parts.

Caster wheels are common in household furniture as well as in industrial devices. Their proper maintenance and cleaning ensures high functionality and long-term usage of your furniture.