How to Clean Common Bathroom Problem Areas

A pink gloved hand holding a green cloth against a shower wall.
  • 1-1 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 5-40
What You'll Need
Tile and grout cleaner
Scrubby sponge
Old toothbrush
Rubber band
White vinegar
Plastic bag
Paper towel

Cleaning the bathroom is never a glamorous task. While some aspects of the room are easy to clean, other areas can be trickier to get to. In order to perform a bathroom deep clean from time to time, however, these areas must be tackled. Keep reading for tips on how to get to these problem areas and to have a squeaky clean bathroom.

Tile and Grout

Cleaning a tile floor.

Cleaning your floor seems easy enough, but it gets tricky when you have tiles and need to take care of the grout. These narrow lines are hard to reach, yet they certainly collect dirt, debris, and grime and need attention every once in a while.

To solve this bathroom problem, start by removing everything off of your bathroom floor. Then, vacuum or sweep the floor to rid it of loose debris. Next, apply a tile and grout cleaner liberally all along the floor, using a scrubby sponge to spread it evenly.

Allow the cleaning solution to sit for five to 10 minutes. This allows any dirt to loosen, making the scrubbing step easier. Then, using your sponge, begin scrubbing. Also use an old toothbrush to carefully clean in between the tiles where the grout is.

After you’ve scrubbed, rinse the solution from your floor with lukewarm water. Dry the floor completely with a clean towel.

Behind the Toilet

A modern bathroom.

This spot can get seriously gross, and it’ll only collect more dirt, bacteria, and gunk the longer you go without cleaning it. For this reason, you should clean behind the toilet every time you clean your bathroom. However, the prospect of kneeling down and reaching your arms behind the toilet can be off-putting and can even seem kind of disgusting. To avoid having to do this, start by spraying your cleaning product behind the toilet and also applying some to a cleaning brush or sponge attached to a long wand. Scrub the area from a distance with your convenient wanded brush. Use a dry sponge on a wand or a towel wrapped around a broom to dry the area when you’re done.

Under the Toilet Rim

Someone cleaning a toilet.

Underneath the rim of your toilet can also be a problem area. Even when you use a brush on your toilet, it’s easy to miss this spot. To ensure it gets the attention it needs, add another half cup of a foaming toilet bowl cleanser after you’ve already scrubbed the toilet with your brush. Allow it to sit and thicken for a few minutes. Once it is fully foamed, use an old toothbrush to scrub under and around the rim for a deep clean. (Gross, but necessary!)


A dusty showerhead.

Not everyone always thinks to clean their showerhead, but it’s an important bathroom cleaning step. Failing to keep this part of your shower clean can result in a shower spraying unevenly as its holes have become clogged with dirt, grime, and mineral deposits.

This cleaning step may seem a little difficult at first, but there’s an easy solution to keeping a showerhead clean. In fact, you don’t even need to disconnect it from the wall!

To do this, you’ll need a rubber band and plastic bag that is large enough to fit over the showerhead. Slip the rubberband over the top of the showerhead and loop it around the arm once or twice. Fill your plastic bag with white vinegar. Attach the bag to the head by slipping the bag opening underneath the rubberband. Let it sit for an hour, then run your shower to flush the fluid from the area. Polish your showerhead with a soft cloth.

Light Fixtures

Someone removing a light fixture cover from a ceiling.

Many bathrooms feature beautiful light fixtures as a part of a vanity or above a mirror. To keep their desired aesthetic and to maintain a useful level of light, they must be cleaned regularly. Since a bathroom sees so much traffic, these light fixtures are prone to attracting dirt, dust, and grime.

To clean these fixtures, turn off the electrical breaker that supplies the bathroom with power as a safety measure. Use a flashlight or portable lamp, if needed, as a light source while cleaning.

Next, remove the light bulbs and take down fixtures as possible. If your fixtures can’t be removed, they can be cleaned while in place. If this is the case, ensure you have stable footing to perform the task.

Wipe down the outside of fixtures with a rag or dry paper towel to remove dust and loose debris. Grab a fresh cleaning cloth and wipe down the inside of the fixture. Using a damp rag, gently clean the fixtures with a cleaner like Windex. Dry the pieces with a towel and reassemble. Last, flip the breaker back on to restore power in your bathroom.

While a bathroom deep clean is certainly a chore, once it’s done you’ll love how spotless your bathroom is from top to bottom! These tips and tricks are the perfect way to ensure even the hard-to-reach and forgotten areas of your bathroom are sparkling.