How to Clean Cork Laminate Flooring How to Clean Cork Laminate Flooring

What You'll Need
Dust mop
Vacuum cleaner

When it comes to cleaning cork laminate flooring, a person has to display a sense of patience. This job must be done correctly since it takes a few minutes to complete and the correct supplies must be on hand to do the task. This flooring has become quite popular throughout the world.

Step 1 - First cleaning

Take the dust mop and gently run it over the flooring to remove any debris and residue. This is very important to do since the dust mop will capture all of the unseen particles that have built up on the cork flooring. Make sure that the use of this mop is always done first.

Step 2 - Vacuuming

Pull the beater brush off of the vacuum cleaner and lay it to the side. The floor will then simply be vacuumed after the dust mop is used. This step will ensure a more thorough cleaning of the floor.

Step 3 - Final mopping

Wet the mop slightly and then run it over the floor. Repeat this step several times and remember to use warm water when doing this task. Always be sure to clean the cork laminate flooring on a regular basis or depending on how much traffic comes through the house.

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