How to Clean Cultured Marble Vanity Tops

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What You'll Need
Spray bottle
Water based stone cleaner
Soft damp cloth

Unlike natural marble vanity tops, cultured marble vanity tops are easily marred. Common bathroom objects can scratch these countertops. But they are also disfigured by using the wrong cleaners. Here's how you can clean your vanity top without scratching it.

Step 1 - Avoid Taking Risks

Never assume your vanity top is real marble and can be cleaned without risk of scratching. Always use cleaning products designed for cultured marble.

Step 2 - Use Safe Cleaners

Fill a clean spray bottle with a water-based cleaner, preferably a bottle with a pH-neutral cleaner. Be sure the spray bottle is totally clean and dry. Even if you rinse the left-over chemicals, in a diluted form can still etch your cultured vanity top.

Step 3 - Use Safe Cleaning Methods

After spraying a light coat of safe cleaner on your cultured marble vanity top, use a soft cloth, such as chamois or microfiber, to gently wipe your vanity's surface dry. Avoid leaving excess cleaner on your vanity top that can evaporate and etch it.