How to Clean Drywall Dust

What You'll Need
A wet-dry vacuum
A broom
A dust pan
Cleaning cloths
A bucket
A mop
Cleaning solution

Drywall dust can be a difficult material to remove. You will need to get into every nook and cranny to get rid of all of the dust.

Step 1 – Emptying the Room

Take every item out of the room you are cleaning. Dust each item as you place it in a different location.

Step 2 – Cleaning the Walls

When you clean the walls, always work from the top to the bottom. Use a damp cleaning cloth to wipe the walls, windows and other fixtures in the room. Rinse your cloth regularly. Allow the walls to dry completely when you have finished wiping them.

Step 3 – Vacuuming the Floor

Use your wet-dry vacuum to remove the dust from the floor. Use a broom to dislodge any dust that the vacuum is having difficulty removing

Step 4 – Sweeping the Floor

Use the broom to sweep up any dust left on the floor. Sweep the dust into the dust pan

Step 5 – Mopping the Floor

Use your mop and cleaning solution to clean the floor. Rinse the cleaner from the surface. Rinse the mop regularly with the water. Allow the floor enough time to dry completely. Repeat the cleaning process if necessary.