How to Clean Dump Valves on RV Holding Tanks

What You'll Need
Cleaning fluid
Bucket of water

If you have an old dump valve on your RV holding tanks, then you may notice that it becomes increasingly difficult to move it around. This can make it hard to operate the dump system for your tanks, preventing you from evacuating the waste properly. If you wish to, you can clean the dump valves, making them easier to use. This is a simple task, and will help you to operate your RV holding tanks more quickly.

Step 1 - Remove the Dump Valve

Empty out your RV holding tanks into a suitable place, and then park your RV on a flat surface. Open up the tanks, and locate the bolts holding your dump valves. Unscrew these using your wrench, and bring the valves to the surface. One at a time, place them into the bucket of water.

Step 2 - Cleaning the Dump Valves

You should pick out one of the dump valves from your RV holding tanks, and scrub them using a piece of Scotchbrite cloth and some cleaning fluid. Wash them out thoroughly, and then replace them in the RV holding tanks. Use your wrench to screw the bolts back into position.