How to Clean Enamel Jewelry

jewelry of a flower encased in a clear circle
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 20
What You'll Need
A bowl
Nylon jewelry bag
Liquid detergent
A new soft toothbrush
Soft cloths

Over time your enamel jewelry can develop residue from chemicals and lotions. This residue can cause your beautiful jewelry to lose its shine, and possibly damage the structure. It is important to clean your enamel jewelry, in order to maintain its luster. When handling and cleaning your pieces, be sure to be especially careful to prevent any accidental damage.

Step 1 – Preparing the Jewelry

Carefully place your enamel jewelry into the nylon jewelry bag. Zip the bag shut to secure the jewelry inside.

Step 2 – Creating Your Cleaning Solution

Place the stopper into the drain of your sink. Make sure the stopper is securely positioned. Fill the sink with warm water. Add a few squirts of liquid detergent to the water. Combine the contents until the water is soapy.

Step 3 – Cleaning Your Enamel Jewelry

Carefully place the enamel jewelry in the nylon bag into the warm water. Move the jewelry around the sink inside the nylon bag. Be careful not to touch the sides nor the bottom of the sink with the jewelry. Carefully place the nylon bag onto the bottom of the sink and allow the jewelry to soak for about 10 minutes.

Step 4 – Removing Stuck-On Residue

Place a soft lint free cloth on the counter beside the sink. Remove the nylon bag from the sink. Open the bag and remove the pieces of jewelry, 1 at a time. Carefully place each piece of jewelry onto the cloth. Inspect each piece for any residue that has not come off the jewelry. Use your toothbrush to carefully clean off the difficult residue. Be sure to use a new soft bristled Toothbrush and not an old one.

Step 5 – Rinsing Your Jewelry

Pull the stopper from your sink. Allow the warm, soapy water to drain out of the sink. Place the stopper back into the drain. Turn on your tap and allow lukewarm water to flow from it. Carefully take each piece of your enamel jewelry and rinse it under the running water. Be sure to rinse off all of the soapy water. If your house uses hard water, do not use your tap water to rinse the jewelry. Instead use distilled water to rinse your jewelry. Place the rinsed jewelry onto another dry soft cloth. Use a soft, lint free cloth to buff your jewelry. Be careful as you work around the enamel. Continue buffing, until the jewelry shines.

Step 6 – Storing Your Clean Jewelry

Wrap each piece of your enamel jewelry in a separate piece of tissue paper. The tissue paper will prevent the enamel from becoming scratched or damaged.

Step 7 – Reducing Residue on Your Enamel Jewelry

Remove your jewelry when you are applying any creams or lotions. Take off your jewelry whenever you are using household cleaning products. The chemicals in these products leave residue on your jewelry, and can potentially damage your beautiful pieces. Here is a guide to what not to use to clean your jewelry to avoid damaging it.