How to Clean Epoxy Stone Floors

What You'll Need
Vacuum Cleaner

While epoxy stone does not require a lot of maintenance in comparison to most possible floor materials, it does require a little bit of attention to stay clean. You can keep the amount of time spent cleaning to a minimum by using the following.

Step 1 - Weekly Maintenance

For general maintenance, an ordinary vacuum cleaner should be enough to keep your epoxy stone floor in good condition. Use your vacuum cleaner on your floor at least once every 2 weeks.

Step 2 - Extra Attention

If your epoxy stone floor gets dirty, especially due to heavy use such as tracked in dirt, it is a good idea to use a mop with water on it. Use a bucket of water and a mop, and be sure to wring out the mop before applying it to your floor so that you do not use too much water.

Step 3 - Fixing Problems

If you spill something on your stone floor, the best way to get rid of it is a wet/dry vacuum.

Any spill containing any sort of grease may require special attention. Ammonia water is the best way to clean a greasy spill on your floor. Be sure to open all of your windows when working with ammonia to avoid breathing fumes.