How to Clean Glass Block Mortar

Glass block
mortar is a combination of white cement, lime, sand and other additives, and is popularly used to lay stone, concrete block, brick and glass blocks. Relatively easy to use, glass block mortar must be cleaned appropriately upon application to ensure that it serves its purpose as a waterproof and decorative joint for varied needs.

Cleaning Glass Block Mortar

After application and placement of blocks, it is important to thoroughly clean the surface to ensure the lifespan and aesthetics of the mortar. To do so, use a damp cloth on the surface to remove any excess mortar that has accumulated on the surface of the glass or other material blocks. Next, use a clean dry cloth to polish away any remaining mortar. By taking the extra time to clean the glass block mortar at this stage, you can help ensure that it looks great and sets properly.

Be sure to have a damp, soft cloth ready when you begin your project to be prepared to clean the surface before the mortar begins to set. Have your project not only functional, but looking great too!