How to Clean Graffiti off a Vinyl Fence

There are benefits associated with vinyl fence. It lasts for a long time and requires very minimal maintenance. Taking good care of the fence will keep it in good condition and preserve its attractiveness as well. This might include doing simple jobs, such as cleaning the surface using soapy water and a rug.

Easy Cleaning

In case there is graffiti on the vinyl fence, mix soap solution with clean water and use a rug. Put on working gloves to keep your hands safe. Gently apply the solution on the fence and rub the surface while applying pressure. Be firm and gently. This should remove the stain off the wall.

Tougher Stains

In the event there are still marks or stain on the wall, use household detergents, such as laundry bleach or isopropyl alcohol. They are effective in removing tough stains on vinyl surfaces. Mix one portion of laundry bleach with two portions of water.

Be Safe

Put on gloves when using household chemicals. Use a clean rug with the household bleach solution to get rid of the graffiti. Gently rub it on the surface until the stains come off. Use a hose pipe to rinse the solutions from the fence. Pour water on the entire surface and make sure to dispose of the remaining solution and rug carefully.