How to Clean Grout off of Glass Mosaic Tiles

What You'll Need
A clean, damp sponge
A clean white cloth
A nail polish remover

Making glass mosaic tiles involves using grout for curing, and if not careful with its removal, the grout can permanently stain the finished product. Removing grout is a lot easier than you might think though. Follow the steps below.

 Step One – Sponge the Grout

Get your clean, damp sponge and wipe down the grout. You may need to clean the sponge from time to time. Cleaning it ensures that the grout you are removing doesn’t go right back onto the tiles. Dirty sponges may stain the glass mosaic, defeating the purpose of giving it a good clean.  Do this until all you will see are excess grouts between the crevices and at the edges of your tile work.

Step Three – Use the Nail Polish Remover

For the leftover grout and the markings of your pen, get your clean cloth and wet a portion of it with nail polish remover. Wipe it on the excess grout and pen markings. The nail polish remover will do the trick; the surplus stains will just come right off. Check your cloth now and again, and make sure that it is spotless before you wipe it down for another round of swabbing. Repeat this step until you get your desired finish.