How to Clean Indoor Outdoor Carpet

What You'll Need
Dish detergent
Plastic scrub

An indoor outdoor carpet has the appearance of artificial grass. These carpets are typically made of olefin, which is a sturdy resin, making the carpets suitable both for indoors and outdoors. This type of resin doesn’t stain easily but you need to know the cleaning basics.



Step 1 – Vacuum

To remove dust and other debris, you can vacuum the indoor outdoor carpet prior to cleaning it. Vacuuming may also help with the crushed appearance that is often associated with the olefin carpets.

Step 2 -- Apply Dish Detergent

The thermoplastic resin is resistant to staining, but it is not immune to oil. If you detect an oil stain, you will have to apply dish detergent using a soft sponge. This type of detergent is also efficient in removing other debris that may accumulate.

Scrub the area thoroughly and allow to dry.

Step 3 – Use Bleach

Bleach is only recommended if your indoor outdoor carpet has mold or mildew. Dilute bleach (1 part bleach 10 parts water) and test it first to see if it will deteriorate the color of the carpet. If the color changes, you can dilute the solution more, until it can be safely applied on the carpet. Rinse and then dry.