How to Clean Ink off Carpet How to Clean Ink off Carpet

Learning how to remove ink from carpet without the use of harmful chemicals is possible. Many people are learning that daily household items are marvelous to clean with. One of these household items is rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol, when mixed properly with water, can clean ink off carpet with little to no problem.


To clean ink off carpet you will need:

  • 70 to 90 percent isopropyl rubbing alcohol

  • Water

  • Clean soft rag


Step 1 – Treat the ink stain. To begin cleaning ink off carpet you will need to treat the ink stain. Soak a small section of the rag with the rubbing alcohol. Holding the rag firmly, begin to dab the alcohol-soaked rag on the ink stain. Do not rub the stain. Rubbing the stain will cause the ink to spread and will make it almost impossible to get out.


Step 2 - Allow the stain to rest. After you have saturated the ink stain with the rubbing alcohol you will need to let it rest. This will allow the rubbing alcohol to do the work for you. Allowing 30 minutes to an hour will be enough time for the ink stain to break down and to be easily removed off the carpet.


Step 3 – Rinse the stain. Do not pour water on the stain during this step. Pouring liquid on the stain will only make the stain spread and you will have a harder time, if not an impossible time, removing the ink stain from the carpet. Soak a portion of your rag in plain water. Begin dabbing the stain with the water-soaked rag. Allow the water to move through the stain. You will begin to see the ink stain fade off the carpet.


Step 4 – Repeat if necessary. If the ink stain on the carpet is a particularly tough stain you may find that repeating steps one through three are necessary. These steps can be repeated several times until you reach the desired effect and the ink stain has been removed from the carpet fibers. Remember to blot the alcohol and the water on the stain. Never rub the stain and never pour the liquid directly on the ink stain.


Step 5 – Dry the area. After you have removed the ink stain from the carpet you can let the carpet dry. You can allow the carpet to air dry or you can use a small fan to speed the process. If you allow the carpet to dry and still notice a stain you can repeat steps one through three. In some cases drying the carpet may bring more of the ink to the surface. Do not be discouraged, as this is simply part of the cleaning process.


The alcohol should not damage the carpet fibers while you are removing the ink from the carpet. However, it can damage children and pets if too much is ingested. Keep all cleaning supplies out of the reach of children and pets during your cleaning process.

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