How to Clean Lacquered Furniture

Lacquered furniture is popular, particular in certain pieces, such as pianos. Lacquer is a durable, strong and water-resistant finish which can be applied to virtually any type of furniture. Cleaning lacquered furniture, however, will require special care and attention.

You can minimize the amount of time you need to spend cleaning lacquered furniture by being careful with it. You should always use coasters when putting glasses down on the surface of a lacquered table, and you should clean it regularly. Buying specialist cleaning products might be a good idea for many people who are looking for an easy way to care for their lacquered wood.

Preventing Stains

You should concentrate on the stains as quickly as possible. Use a wet cloth to get rid of any spills. Then dry the lacquered furniture. You can repeat this process as many times as necessary until you have removed the stain. Remember to always go with the grain to prevent any scratches.

To combat a stuck-on substance, you can gently pick at it with your finger. However, you must be careful that you don't pick any of the lacquered finish off the furniture.

Regular Dusting

Dusting the surface of the table regularly will make it much easier to take care of your table. If your lacquered furniture came with any kind of manufacturer's instructions, you should consult these for details and additional information about caring for the furniture.