How to Clean Leather Car Seats.

Knowing how to clean leather is essential for motorists who drive cars with leather interiors. After all, whether it’s your leather sectional sofa or the interior of your car, nothing looks worse than cracked and worn leather.

Cleaning Leather

Since leather is a delicate and porous material, there are certain cleaners that just won't work without damaging leather. Abrasive cleaners are a perfect example of what not to use when cleaning leather. Their coarse textures will often permanently scratch the surface, leaving visible damage. Instead, use saddle soap, which is widely recongnized as the preferred leather cleaning material. This gentle cleaner is very effective in removing dirt and stains from leather.

Protecting Leather

Now that you’ve covered the basics on how to clean leather, you should also take the time to learn how to prevent damage in the first place. Since leather is generally more expensive than alternative materials, it pays to use an additive that protects the leather after you’ve cleaned it. There are several products on the market that will not only enhance the look, but also provide a protective coating to protect against dirt and stains.