How to Clean Leather Motorcycle Chaps

What You'll Need
Cleaning cloths
Pure, gentle soap (like liquid Ivory)
Leather Soap
Leather Conditioner

If you ride a motorcycle, motorcycle chaps can be a staple in your riding gear. As with any other garment, chaps will become dirty after time, but leather chaps can not be thrown into the washing machine as much of your other gear and clothing. Leather requires specials care in cleaning. Here you will find information on cleaning and caring for your leather chaps.

Step 1 - Remove Debris

Start by removing any major debris from the material with one of the cleaning cloths, wetting it slightly with plain water. Use this to wipe down your chaps.

Step 2 - Adding Soap

Mix the soap with some lukewarm water. Dip a clean rag into the soapy water and wring it out until it is more than damp, but not dripping. How you apply strokes with the rag will depend on the finish to your leather. If it has a polished look, you can work the rag in circles. If you have more of a natural nap to the leather, work in the direction of the grain of the leather, directing all your strokes in this direction. If the soapy water mix does not give you the level of cleaning that is needed, use leather soap and follow the directions on the bottle.

Step 3 - Apply Conditioner

Apply leather conditioner according to the directions on the bottle. Let the chaps air dry in a well ventilated, but not heated area.