How To Clean Out Dog Kennels

What You'll Need
Plastic hand gloves
Dishwashing liquid or soap
Empty spray bottle
An old toothbrush
Paper towels
Garbage bag
Bucket of hot water
Washing machine
Garden hose

Clean dog kennels are important to the health of your canines. Different types of harmful bacteria and germs breed in an unclean kennel, so it is very important for you to clean out the accumulated dirt in the kennel frequently, or right away if your kennel contains dog run or vomit. By following these simple steps, you can clean your plastic dog kennel.

Make sure the products use do not contain harsh chemicals that are harmful for your dog. You may use ordinary dishwashing liquid, but make sure you rinse the dog kennels thoroughly to avoid the dogs ingesting any.

Step 1 - Empty the Dog Kennel

Pick an outdoor spot before you begin. Remove any bedding and feeding bowls and toss the bedding into the washer. Add 1/2 cup of bleach to kill any germs. If you cannot machine-wash the bedding, leave it in soapy water for 1/2 hour and hang it on the clothesline outside to air in the sun.  

Step 2 - Remove Any Obvious Filth

You may want to put your plastic gloves on at this point, since you will be subjected to various germs. Remove any obvious urine, vomit or feces with paper towels and discard in the garbage bag.  

Step 3 - Scrub the Kennel

Mix one part soap to eight parts hot water and pour into the empty spray bottle. Spray the insides and bottoms of the dog kennels well and allow the soapy mixture to sit for at least ten minutes. Take an old toothbrush and scrub over the cleaning mixture. Brush in short, quick strokes. Do not forget the door, screws and any crevices. Scrub the inside and outside well.

If your kennel contains items such as a water or food bowl, spray these well with the cleaning mixture and scrub well with the toothbrush. Make sure you also scrub the edges and corners of the bowls.  

Step 4 - Rinse

Rinse away the cleaning mixture with clean, hot water.  

Step 5 - Repeat,  if Necessary

Survey the kennel to see if you have removed all the filth from within. If traces still remain, spray the cleaning mixture once again and rinse the kennel clean with a garden hose. You can also spray your kennel with a weak bleach solution if you want to sterilize it, but rinse it off well with clean water afterwards.  

Step 6 - Dry the Kennel in the Sun

Place your clean dog kennels on a block or object at an angle to allow the water to run out. Allow it to dry out in the sun this way, then place the clean bedding and any bowls back inside.