How to Clean Pet Stains on Berber Carpet

  • 2-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 35-75
What You'll Need
Warm water
Soap (or mild detergent)
Pet stain remover
Carpet cleaner

Berber carpet stains, especially pet stains from a dog or a cat, can be unsightly. They can also present an odor problem for your home if they are not addressed immediately. Removing the pet stains from your Berber carpet is easy to do. Cleaning the carpet, especially Berber carpet made olefin fibers, can be accomplished using a sponge or mop and soap and water.

You may also consider using a carpet or vacuum cleaner when cleaning the stain. If you do, use a suction only tool in order to avoid making the Berber carpet look fuzzy.

Step 1: Prepare the Area for Cleaning

Move all large items and any other obstruction out of your way before beginning the process of cleaning your Berber carpet and ridding it of the pet stain and odor. Place these items to the side and spray the carpet with a pre-treatment agent or a pet stain remover. Pet stain removers can be found at most every grocery store or pet store and is a must have if you have dogs and cats at home.

Step 2: Remove the Pet Stain

If the nature of the pet stain was something that you would rather not speak about, remove the offending object from the carpet using a plastic bag and place it in an appropriate receptacle.

Step 3: Create Soap and Water Solution

In a bucket, mix a mild soap detergent with warm water. Prepare enough soap and water to clean the area where the pet stain was. You can wear rubber gloves if you like and take a soft sponge to use in cleaning up the pet stain.

Step 4: Rub Soap and Water into the Berber Carpet

In the area of the pet stain, work small amounts of the soap and water into the floor, using a circular motion while scrubbing. Be sure to work the entire area with the soap and water, rinsing out the sponge at intervals. If the stain covers a large area, a sponge mop may be a better tool to use as opposed to being on your hands and knees scrubbing the Berber carpet.

You want to work the soap and water as deeply as you can into the Berber carpet in order to remove the stain. Cleaning just the surface will not remove any of the pet stain residue that has embedded itself into the carpet, deep into the carpet fibers.

Step 5: Vacuum the Area

Take a “suction-only” vacuum cleaner and clean up the rest of the Berber carper, paying special attention to the area that you just scrubbed with soap and water. If you have access to a Berber carpet safe steam cleaner, this may be used instead of the vacuum and soap and water to remove the pet stain. Be absolutely certain that the steam cleaner is safe for use with a Berber carpet otherwise you may end up with more damage than the offensive pet stain.