How to Clean Photovoltaic Solar Panels

What You'll Need
Soft brush
Mild glass cleaner
Soft cloth
Garden hose
Roof rake
Rubber gloves

Photovoltaic solar panels are an extremely efficient and environment friendly source of energy. The use of such solar panels reduces your electricity bill to a great extent, and given how simple they are to use, they can used in both homes and offices. Such photovoltaic solar panels can be used to run all sorts of appliances ranging from air conditioners to basic electric appliances which are used on an everyday basis in households. One of the greatest advantages that photovoltaic solar panels have over other forms of electricity is that they require next to zero maintenance. These panels only need to be cleaned once in a while, and even that is an extremely simple process. With a few basic cleaning tools in hand, and sparing a few minutes of your time, this task can be done yourself. Follow the steps below in order to thoroughly clean your photovoltaic solar panels.

Step 1 – Clean up Ladder and Brush off Leaves

Before going ahead with the clean-up process, make sure to put on a pair of rubber gloves. Once that is done, as all photovoltaic solar panels are positioned on the roof, use a ladder to climb up. As the panel is placed on the roof, obvious things such as leaves and pollen etc. will definitely have accumulated on its surface. Therefore, with the help of a soft brush, clean off all leaves and dust that has piled up on the panel. Make sure you make use of a brush that has long bristles so that the panel can be thoroughly cleaned up.

Step 2 – Apply Glass Cleaner on Panels

Now to ensure that all forms of dirt and debris have been taken off the panels, it is best to apply a mild class cleaner. Dole out a small amount of the liquid glass cleaner onto a soft cloth, and begin applying it all over the panels. This will ensure that all remaining stains and marks will easily come off. However, one precaution to keep in mind is to use a very mild glass cleaner as a stronger one might cause damage to the panels.

Step 3 – Clean up Brackets and Support

Now clean the other components of the solar panels, which include the mounting brackets and supports. Dust off the mounting brackets and support with a soft brush. Also when cleaning them, do ensure they are tightly connected to the panels and will not come off loose in future.

Step 4 – Clean off Snow

Another useful step to keep in mind when it comes to such solar panels is that snow might pile up on them during the winter. In such a case, make use of a roof rake which will remove all the accumulated snow. It is necessary to do this as layers of snow can greatly decrease the efficiency of these photovoltaic solar panels. If the above steps are properly followed, you will undoubtedly have a solar panel that will perform superbly.