How to Clean Pine Paneling

What You'll Need
Household detergent
Wood cleaner
Rubber/plastic gloves
Spray bottle

Pine Paneling is a popular option for the interior of your home and cleaning pine paneling is easy. You will need some basic household supplies and the information listed below.

Step 1—Getting Started

Move the furniture away from the wall that you plan to clean. Set up a ladder to ensure that you are able to easily access the paneling. Next, wear rubber gloves to create a cleaning mixture that contains water and sprinkle in household detergent. Fill the cleaning solution in a spray bottle. If you are worried about the chemicals in the detergents harming the paneling, you can use a dedicated wood cleaner. These cleaning products are sold as wood oil soaps and some are meant for specific woods while others are all-purpose wood cleaners.

Step 2—Cleaning Pine Paneling

Start at the top of the pine paneling and spray. You only want to mist the paneling and not wet it completely. If you are using a wood-cleaning product, spray it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Use a dry rag for repeatedly wiping the wet paneling. If there are areas that are harder-to-clean, you will need to repeatedly rub them clean. When the paneling seems clean, wipe it dry with another rag.