How to Clean Playdough off a Textured Wall

What You'll Need
Paint brush
Kilz (or other stain-blocking primer)

It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt...or until your lovely textured wall gets covered in playdough. But don't cry over spilled dough! While playdough can be a bit tough to get out, here's a method that should help clear it up.

Step 1 - Scrape at Playdough with Paintbrush

The brush must be absolutely clean and dry. Take the time to chip away the playdough carefully, so that it does not smear. Do not allow the playdough to get wet, as the dye will seep out and your stain situation will only get worse.

Step 2 - Apply Stain-Blocking Primer

Cover stain area in a thin coat of primer, taking care to leave an even surface. Kilz or another stain-blocking primer is ideal, but any other primer will suffice in most circumstances.

Step 3- Paint Over Primer

Paint over affected region with the same paint color as the surrounding area. Make sure the coat is thick enough to cover the stain, but not so thick as to call attention to the site of the stain. Some discoloration will likely by visible between the new an old paint, but this should fade within a couple of days.