How to Clean Plexiglass

What You'll Need
Washing-up liquid
Warm water
Small bowl
2 soft, absorbent cloths

Plexiglass is an acrylic composite which offers a beautiful alternative to standard forms of glass decoration. Plexiglass is very strong which makes it popular in the building of many different items. It must be cleaned properly and regularly to help prolong use.

Step 1: Create Mixture

Make a small amount of cleaning solution by mixing washing up liquid with warm water. Swirl the two around until you have created plenty of bubbles. Use a sponge to dab the solution onto the plexiglass and allow it to soak into hard stained areas.

Step 2: Rinse

Rinse this solution off of the plexiglass after you have left it for half an hour to an hour. Use your fingers to try and break away any stubborn stains. Do not try to scrub off the stain with anything because this can cause great damage to the surface of the plexiglass.

Step 3: Dry

Take two highly absorbent and soft cloths. Use one to dry the glass, which will absorb all of the water and moisture. Use the other as though you were rubbing polish into the glass. This will leave the plexiglass with a shiny finish as though it were factory new.