How to Clean Pool Deck Pavers

What You'll Need
Water hose
Pressure washer

Pool deck pavers are commonly found in in-ground pools due to their slip-resistant surface, durability and affordability. While pool deck pavers are not hard to maintain, they do require routine cleaning to keep them looking beautiful and to prevent mold growth.

Step 1 - Perform a Weekly Cleaning

Once a week, remove debris from the pool deck pavers by using an outdoor broom. By removing dirt buildup on a regular basis, you will prevent the development of stains, which can be harder to remove at a later date. Thoroughly remove any weeds that have grown in between the pavers.

Step 2 - Perform a Monthly Cleaning

Thoroughly cleaning the pool deck pavers once a month should be sufficient to keep them looking their best. With a high-pressure water hose or pressure washer, spray the pavers to remove any dirt buildup or fungus that has begun to grow.

Step 3 - Perform a Yearly Cleaning

In addition to weekly and monthly cleaning, pool deck pavers may require yearly maintenance, which includes applying a fresh coat of sealer. Different sealers for pool deck pavers offer color enhancements, glossy finishes and stain preventatives. By sealing the pool deck pavers, you ensure weekly and monthly maintenance will remain simple. Observe the pavers carefully at this time to determine if any are cracked or need to be replaced.