How to Clean Pool Deck Tile and Grout

What You'll Need
Pressure washer
Pressure washer cleaner for tile
Stiff brush with long handle
Chlorine bleach

Cleaning pool deck tile and grout is one of the many maintenance projects that accompanies an in-ground pool.

Step 1 - Clean the Area

Sweep the pool deck tile and be sure it is free of lawn furniture, plants, pool toys, towels and anything else you may find around a swimming pool.

Step 2 - Scrub the Pool Deck Tile and Grout

The size of the area to be cleaned, how dirty it is, and the time and energy you want to expend will determine which method you use. You can choose to pressure-wash the area, or you can use a bucket of water with chlorine bleach in it and scrub with a mop-type scrub brush.

If using the pressure washer, fill it according to the manufacturer's instructions with the cleaner. Using a mild pressure, clean a small area at a time. You will want to work away from the pool to prevent the cleaner from entering your pool water. When it's clean, hose it off, again working away from the pool. If possible, have a person with a push broom work the water away from the pool.

If using the scrub brush technique, scrub each tile and grouted area; concentrate on the dirtier areas. Then hose away all the cleaner.