How to Clean Porch Rails How to Clean Porch Rails

What You'll Need
Mild formula biodegradable cleaner
Garden hose
Soft scrub brush
Fine sand paper
Primer paint

Porch rails are bound to get dirty and you have to clean them regularly so that they retain their appeal. Wrought iron railings are most ideal for the porch as they are more long lasting. They are also very appealing although they need constant maintenance as besides getting dirty, they are prone to rusting as well. Cleaning the rails is a simple process aided by the right cleaning materials and tools.

Step 1 - Prepare the Porch

Remove all items from the porch that will not be a part of the cleaning. This will ensure that none of the items get wet during the cleaning process.

Step 2 - Prepare Cleaning Solution

Get the bucket and fill it with water. Add the mild formula biodegradable cleaner into the bucket. The recommended ratio is usually 1 to 1. Mix the cleaner and water with your hand until it foams.

Step 3 - Start Cleaning

Take the soft scrub brush and dip it into the cleaning solution then scrub the porch starting from one side and moving on to clean the entire porch. Clean the railings from top going downwards. Pay particular attention to all the grooves and ensure that you thoroughly clean them. Use a circular motion to scrub, which is most ideal to remove dirt and grime. After cleaning the porch, turn on the garden hose to spray off the foam from the porch rails. Leave the rails to dry on their own as they do not spot.

Step 4 - Cleaning Rust

Take the fine sand paper and ‘sand’ the rusted areas of your porch rails. Smooth the areas until you expose the corrosion free metal. Clean out the rusted rails again with the garden hose and leave them to dry.

Step 5 - Finish Up

Confirm that the porch railings are completely dry. Take the primer paint and cover areas that were previously rusted. You can also take the opportunity to paint the rest of the porch railings using durable paint for iron material.

Step 6 - Porch Rails Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the only way to ensure that your porch rails last a long time. Being an exterior part of the home, they are subject to all kinds of weather, extreme and otherwise and have to be protected from harsh climatic conditions. If you carry out regular maintenance measures on your rails, it will prevent them from rusting and will save you the difficult process of cleaning badly corroded rails. Drainage water is the number one cause of corrosion on iron rails. Ensure that rainwater and gutters do not drain on your porch rails. Also protect the appearance of your rails by using soft scrub brushes during cleaning, to avoid putting unsightly scratch marks on them.


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