How to Clean Slime from a Tub Drain

A tub drain is exposed to so much moisture and water that it sometimes can start to develop a mold or slime like coating. This can happen to even the cleanest home. Below are several things you can do to remove the slime from the tub drain.

Bleach the Drain

Bleach kills just about every time of bacteria that may be lingering. When using a liquid bleach, close the stopper to the drain and allow the bleach to sit over the tub drain for at least a half an hour. Then drain the bleach and rinse completely with water. Apply a little tub and tile cleaner and wipe dry.

Cleaning the Insides of the Drain

Purchase a drain cleaner at your grocery store or local home improvement center. The drain cleaner should have mold, mildew and bacteria killing properties. Pour the solution down the drain of your tub. Allow the solution to sit inside your drain for at least a half an hour. Then, rinse with a warm or hot water. Allow the hot water to run for a couple minutes.

Repeating the Process

Stay on top of your slime and add this process to your regular maintenance plan so the slime can no longer build up on your tub drain.