How to Clean Steam Shower Tile

What You'll Need
Liquid detergent
Soft cleaning cloth

Steam shower tile requires very little effort to clean and maintain. The steam that is produced in the enclosure does a great deal of the cleaning. It loosens any residue, allowing you to simply wipe it away. If moisture remains on the tile too long, mold and mildew can develop. Clean your steam shower tiles at least twice a month to prevent bacteria from accumulating.

Step 1 - Applying the Detergent

Pour a small amount of liquid detergent onto the cleaning cloth. Use the cloth to apply the detergent to a small area of the tiles. Continue applying the detergent until the entire shower is covered. Allow the detergent to sit for 5 minutes.

Step 2 - Scrubbing the Tiles

Use a cloth to scrub the residue from the surface of the tiles. Work the cloth between the tiles as well. Rinse the tiles with cool, clear water.

Step 3 - Using the Ozone Generator

If your steam shower has an ozone generator, allow it to operate for about 10 minutes after each shower in order to clean the tiles and prevent the growth of bacteria and mold.