How to Clean Stone Veneer

Stone veneer, also known as cultured stone, is used for a decorative look and feel inside and outside of buildings. It is manufactured using stone from quarries and made to look like natural stone. No matter what it is used for, it will need to be cleaned at some point in time. However, care must be taken when cleaning the stone veneer so it does not get damaged.

If the stone to be cleaned is outside, you will need to use a garden hose, a bucket of water mixed with mild soap or detergent, and a bristle brush that is soft. Never use a wire brush as this will damage the stone veneer. Wash the stone and rinse it immediately with fresh water.

For cleaning stone veneer that is inside a building you will need a bucket of water with mild soap or detergent, and a cloth. Using the clean cloth, wash the stone then immediate rinse each stone with clean water.

Be careful to never use a cleaner that contains acid or an acid based product. Do not use a power washer as the spray that it generates is too forceful and will damage the stone.