How to Clean the Vent Attached to the Floor Register Vent

What You'll Need
Soapy water
Rust prevention

If you have a floor register vent in your home, you need to clean the vent regularly in order to keep it free from dust and dirt. These slotted covers are known by a lot of different names, but they still all need cleaning. You can choose to vacuum over the vent occasionally in order to give it a bit of a cleaning, but the best way of making sure that you thoroughly clean the vent is to remove it and wash it by hand. You can do this easily with a few household tools to make sure that the floor register vent is free from debris.

Step 1 - Remove the Vent

Take the vent off of the floor by unscrewing the connections holding it in place. These small screws are usually placed in one of two areas, either along the widest edge of the vent, two or three each side, or in the corners. Use a screwdriver to quickly remove these screws, and then pry up one side of the vent. Place the screwdriver into the gap below the vent, and then pry up the other end using another screwdriver. You should then be able to lift up the vent, and carry it away. While you are there, with the gap in the floor, place your broom down the hole to check that it is free of blockages.

Step 2 - Give the Vent a Wash

You should then take your vent cover to a bowl of soapy water, and place it in. Using a sponge or wire cloth, make sure that you scrape thoroughly over the surface of the vent, until any rust and debris is removed. Check that you can no longer see any signs of dirt on the edges of the cover, and then remove it from the water. Dry it out using a clean towel, and then allow to air dry for a few hours.

Step 3 - Rust Proofing the Vent

At the same time, you can apply a little bit of rust proofing to the vent cover, which will allow you to thoroughly clean the cover. Use some rust prevention liquid, and rub it onto the vent using a cloth. This should help to get rid of any other rust particles which were not washed away when you were cleaning it. Leave it to dry.

Step 4 - Replace the Vent

You can now replace the vent by putting it back onto the floor. If you choose, you can replace the screws which you had removed, or you can simply use them again. Screw each of the screws back into their places, tightly enough to ensure that the vent cannot easily be moved away from the hole. Once you have done this, you can wipe around the edge of the vent.