How to Clean Velvet Drapery

What You'll Need
Velvet brush
Soft bristled brush
Mild detergent
Absorbent rags
Hair dryer

Velvet drapery is a luxurious addition to any room. The smooth feel of the fabric makes it a sheer pleasure to have somewhere in the house. The fabric is available in various colors, while the deep colors provide a rich and vibrant look. Velvet has the unique effect of creating a distinctly regal atmosphere in any room. As with all other drapes, it is important that you understand how to clean your velvet drapery. This will help in maintaining it so that it does not get discolored by accumulated dust and dirt. Cleaning your drapery also assures you of a cleaner environment as it gets rid of the build-up of dust, pet hair and allergens. Velvet drapes can be rather heavy, but they can be conveniently cleaned while still attached onto the curtain rod. The following steps are a guideline in how you can effectively clean your velvet drapery.

Step 1 - Pre-cleaning

This is necessary before you proceed on to the more thorough cleaning. It involves getting rid of the surface dust and dirt that has accumulated on the drapes. Use the soft bristled brush to brush away all dirt. You can then vacuum to ensure a more thorough clean. Follow with brushing using a velvet brush. It is important that you brush the velvet in just one direction as this will help maintain the uniformity of the surface hairs in the way they lie.

Step 2 - Clean any Stains

Occasionally, spills may occur on your drapes. After vacuuming off the dirt, you can focus on cleaning the spills. It is best to clean spills as soon as they occur otherwise they could set into the fabric making it more difficult to clean. Use the absorbent rag to dab onto the stains. Try and get as much of it as you can without applying too much pressure onto the fabric which will drive the stain deeper. Mix the mild detergent with some lukewarm water in the bowl. Dip in your absorbent rag and apply onto the spilled area repeatedly until you succeed in getting the stain off. 

Step 3 - Drying

You can either leave the drapes to dry out on their own or use a hair dryer for quicker results. Set the dryer to "Low" and place it at least 6 inches away from the fabric. Be careful not to use high heat or place the dryer too close to the fabric as velvet is delicate and can get damaged by the heat. Once dry, use the velvet brush and brush the fabric in one direction.

Step 4 - Steaming

Steaming is an optional step. If you have a steamer, you can use it on the velvet once the fabric is completely dry. Alternatively, should you be lacking a steamer, hang the dried velvet drapes in the bathroom. Fill up your bathtub with hot water to create steam. Steam enhances the shiny look of the velvet and makes it appear new.