How to Clean Vinyl Soffit Vents

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What You'll Need
Normal sized ladder
Air compressor
Safety goggles
Dust mask

It is pretty easy to clean soffit vents, and it is a necessary chore in maintaining your house and attic. Unrestrained and continuous ventilation may result in debris accumulation and can consequently clog the system and hinder the flow of air. Cleaning out vents once or twice a year is necessary for the flow of air to move efficiently. It is a quick and easy job with almost no expenses.

Step 1 - Set Up the Ladder

Before starting the job, find someone to help you out by holding the ladder when you blow out debris from the vent. Choose the ladder carefully so that it's length is appropriate for the job. The next thing you need to do is set up the ladder in such a way that it would be easy for you to climb up. The ladder should be set up near the vent’s opening and preferably near a support to ensure your safety and eliminate the risk of falling. Remember to wear gloves and a mask so that debris and dust will not harm you.

Step 2 - Set Up the Air Compressor

Use extra care while plugging in the air compressor, and make sure the area where it is set up is completely dry. Set it on normal to high before you turn it on. The air pressure will be strong, so clench the hose tightly. Do not put your hand against the blower hole of the hose, as this may damage the machine or hurt you. The hose should be leveled properly, parallel to the vent, so that air pressure from the compressor will blow away debris properly.

Don't try to suck the dirt and debris out with a vacuum. If you can't get a hold of a compressor, a leaf blower will work almost as well.

Step 3 - Clean Out the Soffit Vent

The soffit vent needs to be cleaned properly to remove all the debris and dirt that is hindering proper ventilation. This isn't a one-time job, either. Regular maintenance is very important to keep the soffit vent functioning properly.