How to Clean Warm Mist Humidifiers

What You'll Need
Undiluted white vinegar
Measuring cup

Warm mist humidifiers are a kind of humidifier which produces steam by heating water. This steam, in turn, warms and moisturizes the air in a room. This device is useful for people with asthma and allergies. It needs to be cleaned regularly for proper functioning.

Step 1 – Disassemble the Humidifier

First of all, turn off the humidifier and unplug it. Then, allow the water inside it to cool. Once the device has cooled down, remove the water tank and set it aside. Also, take out the misting chamber and the removable tray.

Step 2 – Clean the Base

Measure 1 cup of undiluted vinegar and pour it into the base. Leave it for 20 to 25 minutes. Then, clean it with the sponge. After that, rinse it thoroughly in plain water.

Step 3 – Clean the Misting Chamber

Wipe the outside surface of the chamber with a damp sponge. Also, take out the removable tray and rinse it thoroughly in plain water.

Step 4 – Disinfect Water Tank and Base

Mix 1 teaspoon of bleach with 1 gallon of water. Fill the water tank and base with the solution. Leave it for 20 minutes, and then rinse it with plain water. Finally, wipe off excess water and reassemble your warm mist humidifier.