How to Clean Water Softeners

Opening the lid on a water softener unit

It is important to know how to clean water softeners since they are designed to remove harsh minerals from your home’s supply of water. To give the best results, a water softener should be cleaned regularly by following a few simple steps.

Step 1 - Turn off the Electricity

The first thing you should do whenever you are working with any appliance controlled with electricity is turn off the electricity to that appliance. Turn off the power to your water softener by switching your breaker or calling your electric company. You also need to turn off your water main.

Step 2 - Find Your Brine Tank

water softener

Find and carefully remove the valve assembly from your brine tank, or your salt-water tank and set aside. Remove all the salty water and brine from the tank and throw it out in a place where it will not be able to harm your plants. If nothing else, you can pour it down a street drain.

After the brine has been cleaned out, remove the valve chamber by unscrewing the bolts on both sides of the tank. Clean the salt plate that you will find on the bottom of the tank. Clean the tank with a cleaning brush and then rinse it thoroughly in your shower or with a garden hose outside.

Step 3 - Re-Install

Once everything is cleaned, you will need to assemble it back together, and fill your salt keeper with new salt. When it is assembled, fill the tank with 5-6 inches of water.

After it is completely reinstalled, you will be able to turn your water and electricity back on and test it.

Cleaning the tank yourself is simple once you know what to do and it will save you a lot of money on expensive repairs.