How to Clean Water Spots off Your Shower Enclosure

What You'll Need
Paper towels or soft cloths
Cold water
Spray bottle

While glass shower enclosure look nice in the bathroom and keep the water at bay, they do take a little effort in order to keep them looking good. Shower enclosures are different than shower curtains since they are permanently stationary in the bathroom. Many are made from glass, however, there are other materials that are used like fiberglass, stone and ceramic tile.

Shower curtains and liners can be removed and tossed into the wash machine; shower closures, obviously cannot. Shower enclosures can help add value to your home and are considered to be more design friendly than shower curtains,

There are some easy ways to clean water spots from your glass shower enclosure so it always looks sparkling clean and void of these unsightly water drops.

Try these tips to keep your enclosed shower clean and one that you will want step into time and time again.

Step #1 - Get Ready

If you have just gotten out of the shower, dry yourself off. Then, grab the squeegee and use it to clean all sides of the shower.

Step #2 - Squeegee

Moving the squeegee from the top to the bottom of the enclosure is best and doe not normally leaves trail marks.

Step #3 - Watch Excess

Wipe the bottom of the squeegee with a dry cloth or paper towels each time to keep excess water from dripping down the area already cleaning.

Step #4 - Start Spraying

If the shower is dry, start with spraying the Windex on the glass.

Step #5 - No Over Spraying

Do not over spray, the excess will likely drip and make more mess.

Step #6 - Move Up and Down

Use the squeegee from top to bottom of the glass enclosure. Move vertically and wipe the squeegee after each stroke.

Step #7 - Naturally Cleaning

If you prefer using natural cleaning agents, you can half water to half vinegar in a spray bottle and use in place of Windex or other store bought cleaning products.

Step #8 - More Natural Ideas

Another possible natural cleaning product is to squeeze a lemon into a spray bottle filled with water. Shake the bottle up before spraying to distribute the lemon and water evenly.

Step #9 - Spray

Spray the glass.

Step #10 - Move

Use the squeegee in an up and down motion and to clean glass.

Step #10 - Finishing Up

Use dry paper towels or soft clean towels to wipe any remaining water or squeegee marks.

Some cities use harder water than contains chemicals and other substances that might make the water spots on the shower harder to remove. Sometimes, hard water will leave white watermarks on the glass making them more visible. If this is the case, and you do have hard water, you might have to clean the glass more than once.

The best way to keep your shower looking new and clean is by following the above methods each and every day. By making this process part of your routine, shower enclosed shower will sparkle.