How to Clean Wedding Bands How to Clean Wedding Bands

Wedding bands made of solid gold or containing diamonds can be safely cleaned at home using a mild soap, soft toothbrush, and a plain cotton polishing cloth that does not contain any chemicals. By keeping your wedding bands clean, they will last longer and sparkle more.

Washing Wedding Bands

Rinse the wedding band under lukewarm water. Use the soft bristle toothbrush and a drop of mild soap and gently scrub the surface of the ring. Wash the inside part of the shank thoroughly. If there are stones in the band, wash all exposed sides of the stones. Do not let the bristles get caught in any prongs of the ring. After thoroughly cleaning the ring, rinse off the soapy water with clear lukewarm water.

Polishing the Bands

Use the soft cotton cloth to polish the band. This will give the ring a high, lustrous shine without scratching any part of the band. Rub over the metal using small circular motions. Start with the outside, then polish the inside of the shank. Clean the wedding rings at least once a month in this manner.

Protecting Wedding Bands

To keep the wedding rings in excellent condition, remove them from your hands whenever you wash dishes in the sink. This will keep the rings from being exposed to harsh chemicals which can corrode the metal in the rings.


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