How to Clean White Leather Seats

What You'll Need
water based leather cleaner
water based leather protector
white shoe polish
clean rags

For anyone who owns it, knowing how to clean white leather is very important. Leather in general is easy to crack, be abraded, or lose its finish. White leather is particularly difficult, because it can absorb dye from clothing it touches, and any stain or discoloration will be very visible on it. However, it is still possible to remove marks from your white leather seats using only readily available household supplies.

Step 1 - Getting Ready

It is important to carefully read any tags that are on your white leather seats to know what kind of cleaning supplies you should use, and what kind you should avoid. However, there are some general rules to follow when cleaning any kind of leather.

You should never use cleaning supplies containing oils or waxes on leather. Oils and waxes leave a sticky residue that leaves your leather prone to attracting and holding dirt. In extreme cases, they can even harden and cause your leather to crack. Additionally, oils do not wash out of leather, so once they are in, it's permanent. This is why it is important to use the correct materials, and check them carefully.

Also, you should not use cleaning supplies containing silicones. Silicones will damage the finish on your leather and make it more vulnerable to all types of problems.

Find a good water based leather cleaner, and check the ingredients carefully.

Step 2 - Washing

Apply your soap to a soft, clean cloth. Then, use the cloth to gently clean your white leather seats. You shouldn't need to scrub hard or apply much pressure — just let the soap do the work. Once you are done, get a clean cloth and wipe the leftover soap off of your white leather seats, and let any you can't get off dry.

You can polish your seats with white shoe polish to get them looking extra new.

Step 3 - Protecting

Now that your white leather seats are looking as good as new, you should take steps to prevent them from getting dirty again. Find a good water based leather protector and spray it onto your seats. There are a wide variety of commercial leather protectors on the market. Before you select one, check the ingredients and compare them to any tags on your white leather seats to avoid unintentionally damaging them. You will need to reapply the leather protector periodically. Expect to do it roughly every six months, but check the instructions to be sure.

You should also clean your leather seats regularly with a wet cloth. Wiping your seats often, especially when you notice they are dirty, can prevent dirt from building up and forming hard-to-remove stains. Preventing stains from forming in the first place is always the best, due to the  difficulties involved in removing them.

The more you take care of your white leather seats, the easier it will be to keep them clean, and the longer they will last.