How to Clean Woven Wood Roman Shades

What You'll Need
Handheld vacuum cleaner
Furniture polish
Spray dust repellent, such as Endust (TM)
Synthetic dust-attracting duster, such as Swiffer (TM)
Polyester fleece dusting cloths
Soft cloths, flannel or linen

Woven wood Roman shades add warmth, color and style to any room. They are also among the best light-blocking shades, so they are ideal to use in any room. Treat your woven wood shades as you would any kind of wood furniture or decorative item in your home. Use any of a variety of methods to clean these types of shades. These include vacuuming, cleaning with furniture polish, dusting either with or without spray dust repellent and wiping with a slightly damp cloth. Any or all of these methods should be regularly used to keep your woven wood Roman shades in their best looks.

Step 1:   Vacuum with a Handheld Cleaner

Use a handheld vacuum cleaner on shades once a week. The suction from a full-sized vacuum cleaner is too strong for woven wood roman shades, and will loosen the tension on the shade bindings. This will cause the shades to fall apart after a period of time.

Step 2:   Dust Weekly

Use a synthetic dust-attracting duster such as Swiffer (TM) on your woven wood shades. Spray the duster with a spray dust repellent like Endust (TM), and dust across the slats from the top of the shades to the bottom. Dust the reverse side of the wood, especially if they are mounted outside the window frame. You can also use a cloth cut from a piece of polyester fleece for dusting. This synthetic fiber effectively picks up and holds dust. Wash and dry the fleece cloths once a month and reuse them.

Step 3: Apply Furniture Polish

Once a month, put a light coat of furniture polish on your woven wood shades. Extend the roman shades to their full length. Apply the furniture polish to your soft flannel or linen cloth first, then wipe it gently across the woven wood slats. Keep it off the slat bindings and pull cords to avoid staining them. Allow the shades to dry a bit, then buff them with a soft flannel or polyester fleece cloth. Raise them again to the height you want.

Step 4: Wipe with a Damp Cloth

If your woven wood roman shades hang in or close to your kitchen, wipe them off once a week with a damp cloth. Avoid getting the lifting strings wet.

How Not to Clean Woven Wood Roman Shades

Clean your shades while they are hanging. Avoid taking them down and putting them up frequently as this can damage the bindings.

Do not use any kind of all-purpose spray cleaner, glass cleaner, chlorine or ammonia-based cleaner on your woven wood shades. Their harsh ingredients will damage the lifting strings and shade bindings and can remove color from the slats. Avoid using any abrasives, such as baking soda or powdered kitchen cleanser, as these will destroy the smooth finish on the shade slats.