How to Clean Your Air Intake Filter How to Clean Your Air Intake Filter

What You'll Need
A bottle of degreaser
A bucket filled with warm water

Cleaning the air intake filter of your car is something you can easily do yourself. It only takes a small amount of time and a very basic knowledge of the mechanics of your car.

Step 1 - Finding The Air Filter

First open the hood of your car. Find where the air filter is located. If you cannot see where it is, refer to your car owner's manual. On almost every car model, it's into a black plastic box by the engine. You should be able to open the clips without the help of any tools.

Step 2 - Soaking the Air Filter

Just simply pull out the filter and look at it. If it needs cleaning, you wont be able to see any light through it at all. Poor the right amount of degreaser in the bucket and completely submerge the filter in the water-degreaser solution for at least ten to twenty minutes.

Step 3 - Letting it Dry

Then take the filter out of the water and allow it dry completely in the sun for at least one hour. You can rinse it before with a hose but be careful not to put too much pressure. Once it's dry just put it back in and secure the clips back in place.

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