How to Clean Your Baseboard Heater

The electric baseboard heater system of your home can become clogged with human and pet hair, dust and spider webs. Get your electric baseboard heaters ready for their winter's work with a late-summer cleaning instead of spring cleaning, as outlined below.

Gain Clear Access to Each Heater

Move furniture and boxes away from each baseboard heater.

Disconnect Heaters from Electricity

Make sure the power switch is off for all heaters. Unplug freestanding small heaters from the outlet, and turn the circuit breakers off for those connected directly to the fuse box.

Vacuum the Outside of Each Heater

Vacuum the baseboard heaters using an upholstery attachment that can get inside the front vents.

Wash the Heater, Cover Panel, and Vents

Mix liquid laundry detergent into a 1-gallon bucket of hot water till it froths up. Dip a thick soft cloth into the detergent and wipe over the front and top of the baseboard heater. Get any built-up dirt out of crevices with a nylon bristle brush. Remove the front cover panel and wash it on both sides.

Vacuum Inside the Heater

Go over the inside fins vents and panels of the baseboard heater with the vacuum cleaner. Allow the heater to dry and reassemble it, then test it for proper function.