How to Clean Your Gas Furnace Vent Lines

The inside of a gas furnace.
What You'll Need
Vacuum Cleaner
Wire Hanger
Soft Cloth
Rubber gloves
Dust mask

Gas furnaces can accumulate a significant amount of dirt and filth given they are not cleaned for a significant interval of time. Such gas furnaces are connected with a vent pipe, which is placed on the exterior of the house, and transfers the by-products of the furnace outside. This vent pipe can get easily blocked with all forms of debris, and can also prove to be dangerous if the exhaust air has no path to leave from inside the house. Therefore, it is essential to clean out the vent pipe every so often. It is not very difficult to carry out this task, and only requires a few hours of your time. Follow the steps below to clean out a gas furnace vent pipe.

    Step 1 - Locate Exterior Vent of Gas Furnace

    Firstly, consult the operating manual of the gas furnace and read through the instructions mentioned. These must be carefully analyzed to assure that the warranty remains valid. Next, locate where exactly the vent pipe of the gas furnace is positioned outside the house. Make sure no shrubbery has grown around the vent pipes that may block the exit path.

    Step 2 - Start Cleaning up Vent Pipe

    Once the vent pipe has been located, open it up using the screwdriver. Before starting to clean out the dirt, please put on the dust mask and rubber gloves. This will help you avoid any filth, and ensure that no dust comes near you. Then extract all the dirt and debris from it. When you open up the vent, all kinds of filth will be evident. Debris such as nests, leaves, snow, and ice in the middle of the winter shall be present. Now, using the brush and a soft cloth, remove as much of the debris as you can. To ensure all the dirt has been eradicated, use the vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean out the vent. If any shrubbery is present in the vent, cut it off using a scissor.

    Step 3 - Ensure No Blockage is present in Vent

    In order to ascertain whether a blockage is present in the vent, make use of a wire hanger bent in the shape of shepherd’s crook. Subsequently, stick the wire hanger inside the vent pipe, which will indicate whether the pipe is clogged. Remove the blockage with the aid of the wire hanger.

    Step 4 - Close up Vent

    Now that the vent pipe has been thoroughly cleaned up, the next step is to close it up with the help of a screwdriver. Your vent should now be completely clear of all debris and dirt. It will now efficiently transfer all the by-products of the gas furnace outside the house. Try to clean the vents pipe every three to six months. You can now safely put away your tools.