How to Clean Your Home Rubber Flooring How to Clean Your Home Rubber Flooring

What You'll Need
Vacuum cleaner
Mop or floorcloth
Floor detergent
Rubber floor conditioner
Towels or Rags

Home rubber flooring is relatively easy to clean and maintain. Apart from this, it also has the advantages of being relatively durable, yet affordable. Here are the main steps involved in cleaning your home rubber flooring properly.

Step 1 - Sweeping

Sweeping your rubber floor regularly will reduce dust from building up. Use a soft bristled broom or a vacuum cleaner.

Step 2 - Washing

Apart from sweeping, it is vital to wash your rubber flooring. This is best done by wiping it with a damp floorcloth or a mop. You may wish to add some mild floor detergent to the water. Never use harsh cleaning agents with solutions that are acetone based or acidic. Afterwards, wipe with clear water so as to remove any soapy residues. Finally, wipe the floor dry by dabbing with an old towel or rag.

Step 3 - Removing Stains

If your rubber floor has any stains, try to ascertain what actually caused the stain. This will help you treat it better and improve your chances of getting rid of it successfully. Any fresh spills should be dabbed away immediately. A specialized stain remover suitable for rubber flooring should always be kept at hand just in case.

Step 4 - Applying Rubber Floor Conditioner

From time to time you should apply rubber floor conditioner to your floor and buff it. This will help you restore your rubber flooring's glossy finish, and as a result, improve its look.

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