How to Clean Your Mosaic Floor

blue and yellow mosaic tile

Mosaic floor tiles are a very popular method of flooring in modern homes, because it affords homeowners the opportunity to create any unique and interesting tile design they like. Additionally, the tile can be made of a wide range of material including glass, porcelain, or even marble. One of the downsides to mosaic floor tiles, though, is that they tend to trap a great deal more dirt and grime than most other types of flooring and require frequent cleaning. Below are a few tips on how to keep your mosaic floor tiles looking as good as new.

Step 1 - Vacuum Frequently

red vacuum with hose

Because of their design, small particles of dirt and other debris can easily become trapped between your tiles. A brush or a broom may get the worst of it, but for the best results from regular cleaning, you should use a vacuum on your mosaic tile floor. If possible, use a brush attachment or dusting attachment on your vacuum, as this will help dislodge particles from between the tiles so they are more easily vacuumed up. If you don’t have one of these attachments, you can try running a brush or broom between the tiles to loosen up any dirt, then go over it again with the vacuum.

Step 2 - Use the Right Cleaning Materials

Because there are so many types of materials from which to make mosaic tile floors, it is important to get the right cleaner or cleaning mixture suitable for cleaning your particular mosaic tile. In most cases, you can find homemade mixtures to clean certain types of tiles. In some cases, such as with porcelain, you’ll be just fine using a mixture of soap and warm water with a scrub brush.

If you aren’t entirely sure of the best cleaning solution, how much water to mix in, or what type of material your mosaic tiles are made from, your best bet is to visit a home improvement store and ask them the best way to clean your tiles. Many home improvement stores will have cleaners designed specifically for a certain type of tile material. Also, be sure to mention if you are doing a general cleaning, or attempting to remove a stain, as cleaning materials may vary for each.

Step 3 - How to Generally Clean Your Tile

cleaning mosaic tile

In addition to using the right cleaner, you also need to use the right cleaning supplies. For example, most mosaic tile materials (such as marble and other types of stone) require that you use a brush with synthetic bristles that are non-abrasive, or you risk permanently scratching the surface. When using the brush, clean in gentle, circular motions and always be mindful of how much pressure you are applying.

Depending on the type of cleaner you are using, you should make sure to wear at least gloves, and possibly even eye protection and some sort of mask for your mouth and nose.

Many materials, such as marble, would benefit from applying a sealant to the surface. This will not only put an attractive “gloss” over your tiles, but will help protect it from scratches, scuffing, and stains, and will make general cleaning much easier. Be sure that you use a sealant designed specifically for your type of mosaic tiling.