How To Clean Your Window Fans

When it's time to clean your window fans, you may feel like you are faced with a challenging task. Window fans accumulate grease and dust over time. However, you can clean your window fans easily by using the right materials.

Unplug  the Fan and Remove the Fan Grill

Never clean a fan that is still plugged into the electric outlet. Always place the fan on a solid flat surface before cleaning.

If the grill on your window fan is secured with screws, you can unscrew it with a screwdriver. If the grill is held in place by a release button, press the button and maneuver the grill till it eases out. Use a vacuum cleaner or duster to remove the dust on the grill.

Clean the Fan Blades and Replace Grill

Clean the fan blades with a soft cloth immersed in a mild soap solution. Ensure that no water seeps through to the inner assembly. Dry the blades thoroughly with paper towels before using the fan.

Put the grill back in place, secure it, and then plug on the fan.