How to Cleanly Unload a Caulking Gun

What You'll Need
Caulking gun
Soapy water
Cleaning rugs
Thin stout wire

A caulking gun is commonly used for fixing or repairing gaps or seals on a wall surface. A clean device makes it easy for the caulk to come of it. Blockages can prevent the formation of smooth bonds or a clean finish on the surface. It is advisable to clean the device as soon as the task is finished.

Step 1 – Remove Caulk

Remove excess caulk from the gun by pressing the pressure button on the gun. Slant it in a downward position and release the caulk in a container. Locate the plunger and gently pull it towards the rear of the device.

Step 2 - Unload Caulk Gun

In the front of the caulking gun, carefully lift the tube free from the notch and remove it from the frame of the device. Use a wet rug to clean excess or hardened caulk. Use a stout piece of wire to gently scrape of caulk.

Step 3 – Place New Tube

If the old tube is worn out or can not be used, replace it with a new one.