How to Clear a Clogged Shower Drain

What You'll Need
A screwdriver
A plunger
A hand auger
A wet rag

A clogged shower drain is a problem with which everyone has been faced at some point and is among the most common types of plumbing issues found in modern day households. But rather than call in a high-priced plumber the next time you're plagued by a clogged shower drain, just consult this handy guide to learn how you can unclog your shower drain in a simple and stress-free fashion. So if clogged shower drains have long been a thorn in your side, read on and make them a thing of the past.

Step 1 - Carefully Remove Your Shower's Drain Assembly

Clogs that have not been able to reach your shower's drain line can be remedied quite easily. Start by using your screwdriver to remove the protective plate covering your shower's drain assembly, then use your hands to carefully fish the drain assembly out of its hole. Having properly removed your shower's drain assembly, simply inspect the interior of the freshly removed drain assembly, locate the source of your clog and remove it. Before reinserting your drain assembly, it's typically a good idea to give it a vigorous cleaning. This is generally all it takes to expel light clogs from your shower drain. If the source of your clogged shower drain has made its way into your drain line, however, you will be required to take slightly more complex measures.

Step 2 - Vigorously Plunge Your Clogged Shower Drain

If the source of your clog lies in your shower's drain line, stop up your shower's overflow opening with a wet rag and take out your plunger. Before proceeding to plunge, make sure that your wet rag is firmly in place, as this will ensure that the force exerted by your plunger is concentrated solely on the source of your clog. Fill the shower with a tiny bit of water, then thoroughly plunge your shower drain. Make sure to take breaks whenever you get tired, because as most household handymen known from experience, plunging can a trying exercise in physical exertion. If a vigorous plunging fails to unstop your clogged drain, it's time to incorporate the aid of a hand auger.

Step 3 - Extract the Clog's Source with a Hand Auger

If plunging fails to unclog your shower drain, your hand auger just might do the trick. Instead of driving the source of the clog downward, which is the primary function of plungers, your hand auger will attempt to extract it. Begin by inserting your hand auger's cable into your shower's overflow opening and continue moving it downward until it's latched on to the source of the clog. Once the cable has latched on to the clog's source, gently attempt to jostle it loose. Should the clog prove stubborn, carefully rotate your auger into the overflow opening and, once you've snagged the source of the clog, try once again to jostle it loose, then rotate the auger out of the overflow opening with the clog's source in tow.