How to Clear a Clogged Tub Drain How to Clear a Clogged Tub Drain

What You'll Need
Expendable washcloth
Commercial drain cleaner

If you've recently found yourself faced with a clogged tub drain, you may be curious about how to clear it up. You'll be pleased to learn that a stopped-up bathtub drain can be successfully remedied in just a few simple steps.

Step 1 - Run Some Hot Water

If you're dealing with a light clog, you may be able to clear up the drain by running a steady stream of very hot water. The water breaks up and dislodges any hair clogs or soap scum buildup, effectively taking care of the clog's source. As a precautionary measure against future clogs, it is recommended that you perform this step at least once a week.

Step 2 - Use a Plunger

If you can't clear your clogged tub drain with a hot water rinsing, you need to try plunging it. Start by placing a balled-up expendable washcloth into the drain's overflow opening, then firmly position your plunger over the affected drain and proceed to give it a thorough plunging. If this fails to bear any results after half an hour, proceed wit the next step.

Step 3 - Use a Commercial Drain Cleaner

If the first two steps failed to fix your clogged tub drain, you may need to incorporate the aid of a commercial drain cleaner, such as Drano. These products can eat away at your drains if applied in large amounts, so take care to closely follow the instructions on the cleaner's packaging. Also, to avoid hazardous fumes and chemical reactions, you should never combine commercial drain cleaners.

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