How to Collect Water Using a Rainwater Cistern How to Collect Water Using a Rainwater Cistern

What You'll Need
Rainwater cistern

A rainwater cistern is a device that is typically made from concrete. It is common in birdbaths and other outdoor structures that are designed especially to catch water. Collecting water using a rainwater cistern is implicit in the purpose of the device. Learning how to collect water using a rainwater cistern can be accomplished by simply setting up the cistern and allowing it to do it work. Rainwater cisterns have been used for centuries in many cultures and societies. They are a simple device that are put into the ground and are used to collect water. In a bird bath a cistern catches water that circulates through the fountain. This device circulates the water back into the fountain and keeps the water from spilling on the ground.  

Step 1 - Purchase a Rainwater Cistern

In order to collect rainwater you need to purchase a rainwater cistern. You can find a rainwater cistern at a home improvement center or lawn and garden shop that sells these types of garden or home equipment. Depending on your reason or purpose for collecting rainwater, which will vary by individual and your needs, purchase the type of rainwater cistern that is appropriate for your needs.

You want to consider the cost, design and type of rainwater cistern that is appropriate for the purpose that you envision for your home. Ask questions when making the purchase and compare different models before making the purchase decision.

Step 2 - Install the Rainwater Cistern

Water cisterns that are used as part of your home's exterior decorating plans are made from concrete. This means that you will need some assistance installing the cistern in your home because of the weight. Installation does not require any tools. You simply need to place it in your yard in a place that you want to catch water. That is all that is involved in the installation of the rainwater cistern.  

Step 3 - Empty Collected Rainwater

As the cistern collects water and becomes full, it will need to be emptied. You can connect a pipe to the cistern (if permissible) that will allow water to be emptied into your gutter or other waste water system instead of constantly emptying the rainwater cistern or pouring water out.

This is the entire process of collecting rainwater with a rainwater cistern. You can make it simple or more complex depending again on your reasons for collecting the rainwater.

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